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Thread: An English Shop

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    An English Shop

    Hi everyone.

    I just found this forum and it looks like a friendly place. Here's a few shots of my workshop in Manchester, England.

    I have 1000 sq ft in the main shop, with a 500 sq ft sprayshop next door. I employ one other cabinetmaker and a finisher making one-off pieces and kitchen and bedroom projects.

    This is a shot of my SCM panel saw, with 2 radial arm saws behind. One is for cross-cutting and the other set up with dado cutters. We are not allowed to use dado sets in table saws in Europe!

    This shows my Wadkin planer (jointer) and thicknesser (planer) next to the 36" drum sander. One day I'll replace that with a wide belt sander but it's going to have to do for now!

    And here's the spray booth in the next door unit.

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    Can someone please tell a computer illiterate limey how to make the photos come up automatically?


    Edit - 16.5.07 Thanks guys! I seem to have got that sussed.
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    Brad, no need to apologize on the compter business. Just click on the little paper clip icon at the top of the message box. It will walk you through the upload process. Take heed of the maximum size it will accept. You have a nice looking, well organized shop in a compact space. But, leave it to a Yank to be critical your shaper in the first picture seems to be a very light duty affair. Is that all you have? And welcome to our family.
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    Try this:

    works like a charm. Nice shop, by the way. You're dust collection setup is very cool...



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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Naylor View Post
    Can someone please tell a computer illiterate limey how to make the photos come up automatically?
    Since your photos are already hosted elsewhere on the 'Net, you can skip the upload step and simply surround your URLs with "IMG" tags. For example, typing in the following (without the spaces)

    [ img ][ /img ]

    will result in this:

    However ... as you can see, the image is a bit large for "inline display". Consider either:

    1) Following the instructions in Vaughn's tutorial, which will give the reader a thumbnail view linked to the full-size image (with the nice side effect of not having to worry about "dropping" your images at some point), or

    2) Posting smaller versions of your photos (say, 640x480 or maybe 800x600) on and linking to them directly using IMG tags as I mentioned.

    PS - Nice shop!

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Welcome Brad

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    Welcome Brad. Very nice looking shop. I'm sure there's more than one member here besides me who would love to have a finishing room "next door".

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    hi brad! nice set-up.
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    Hi there Brad! Welcome to the family.

    May I park my shop inside yours to keep it dry?


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    Hi Brad, and Welcome

    The coffee pot is on.

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