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Thread: That does it! I'm buying stock in saran wrap!

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    That does it! I'm buying stock in saran wrap!

    Hey, folks,

    After yesterday's trauma, I decided to be extra cautious. None of this tricky oval bowl stuff... for Peggy's birthday, which is tomorrow, I'd just make a large bowl out of walnut. Just a straight bowl, only 9" wide. No problem, right?

    Now, I know I work slow, because I'm over cautious. Took a couple hours to get the round cut in half, the blank mounted to a face plate, and the outside turned, including the bottom for the chuck to hold it. Got the outside sanded to 220 before I went to bed. All went swimmingly...

    Yes, there was a little crack at the edge, but not bad, and I couldn't find my bottle of CA glue... hmmm... must be *somewhere*

    Anyway, got up this morning, determined to get the inside hollowed and the whole thing finished before work (she's not coming in on her birthday, so it's a kind of deadline). Did the inside. No problems. The crack didn't widen. Got the whole thing sanded to 600. I know that's overkill, but I wanted it to be very nice. Two coats of shellac. By this time, I know I'm going to be a few minutes late for work, but I press on. Now all I have to do is buff the shellac a little, before I apply the wax. So I get out my cloth, and bump the speed up a little. You know what's coming next...

    KABOOM!!! This time, the chunk goes flying over my *right* shoulder. Not that I had time to duck. Where I in egypt, they'd be calling me the father of curses! Dang!

    Perhaps the poster from is meant for me, and my only purpose in life is to serve as an example to other beginning turners! To them I say: don't turn the lathe speed up just because the bowl is nearly done. You'll live longer that way!

    Sorry, no pics, I was just too durned mad! Now, I have 6 boys, and they all agree on the nature of my being. This agreement is expressed in a single phrase, which I have heard from each of their mouths: "You suck!"

    Doorlink thinks so too. And today, I'd have to agree...



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    Yes Bill, the continuing saga of "As the Lathe Turns"

    Keep at it, and find that bottle of CA glue!!
    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
    William Arthur Ward

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