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Thread: Aquariam Stand

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    Aquariam Stand

    My son bought a small aquarium for my granddaughter and asked me to make a stand for it. I decided that I'd make a table so that when the fishies go away they would have a table to use.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The top, shelf and apron are made from 4/4 white oak the leags are 8/4 tapered to 1" at the bottom both insides of the legs are tapered. The aprons are attached to the legs with MT. For the shelf I cut a notch on the inside of each leg with my dado set at a 45 then cut the corners of the shelf at a 45. The finish is a transtint golden oak dye with 6 coats of Gen Finish semigloss poly. The project took 2 1/2 days (ya I know I'm slow). As always you opion is welcome.
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    Flatwork and I aren't very good buds yet. If I get to the point where I can put out something as nice / simple / clean as your "aquarium stand" I will jump for joy ... and so will my wife.

    Great job!

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    Looks way too nice to have a large bucket of fish sitting on it!

    Good that it wil be functional after they get over their fish thing!

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    I take it it's a small tank

    Be warned, they might go the other way and get hooked on keeping fish and you will end up building stands for 1/2 ton fish tanks But then they still have a really nice bedside table anyway. The poly is the best finish for that job, it's bound to get water splashed over it occasionally.



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    Nicely done, Don. Looks like the shop is operational now, huh?
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    Very nice Don. I like the color.
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    Don, That will look really nice under the fish tank. Then when the tank comes down, it will make a nice end table.

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