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Thread: New 22 year old girlfriend!

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    I still haven't figgered out if I like dolphins the best or seals. OK. Not Navy Seals though they are cool in their own right. DeeDee looks like she has a crush on you. Or, is it the fish? Either way I bet that was a lot of fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete Simmons View Post
    Meet Dee Dee a 22 year old Dolphin. They live to about 50.

    Roger you are correct not many people under 60 on a Holland America cruise. Great cruise beautiful ship but a little aged ship ~ 15 years old (being refurbished this summer). Also went thru half of the Panama Canal then back out.
    Not one of the huge ships. About 1900 passengers. Some of the new big ones are 6000 - 7000 passengers plus crew. We like the smaller to mid size ships. The crowds on the large ones are to much.

    The refurbish must be intense. 12 days in dry dock. Long list of mods by over 2000 workers.

    That dolphin pic is very cool. I like the way you depict the dolphins' care.

    The passengers on the Volendam may have been a bit old, but oh, the food, the food! I had eaten that well, but never seven days in a row.

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    LOL! Glad you're having fun!
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    I knew there was something fishy going on.
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