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Thread: 'Tis Friday, Again!!!

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    Jan 2009
    Watching the rain fall. Got the garden planted before hand so that is free watering. Now straw mulch when it dries just a tad. Tornado warning but hopefully that will pass quickly.
    Watching for pictures of the escapades of Sunken Woods. Can't hurt Michigan with the partying.


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    Amherst, New Hampshire
    Had wild thunderstorms last night. Wind was ripping across the pond but no damage.
    Quiet weekend just doing yard work and other clean up stuff. The realtor is coming early next week to give us an idea what we can get for the house and what we need to do to maximize it.
    The only good news is that it is now a sellers market for the first time in 6 years.
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    falcon heights, minnesota
    finally!!! my brother got the 'cuda out of the garage again! i was able to get the big lathe ready to start turning pens and peppermills. then, thanks to a video that was in russian (yes, russian), i was able to finally figure out how to get the right side of the sand paper cinched down on my jet 10-20. now i can sand the end grain mouse pads once i get them made.
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    Sunken wood, I need not say any more

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    Friday? I wouldn't know anymore, other than Brent tends to knock off work relatively early in the day (that's my clue)

    We finally got the extended winter over with this week and the shorts are on. Gardening tomorrow (Brent has beautiful veggies he started from seed growing very lushily in the green house...time to get them in the ground as long as he's sure that last squirrel he got was the only one around this year).

    A musician friend may stop and spend the night, Sunday, after his gig in Lake Tahoe. Guess I'll be doing some housework as well

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    Tellico Plains, Tennessee
    Spent most of the afternoon putting bead board siding around the lower half of the screened back porch... had to scab 2x4's in all around first as none of the studs are on any kind of uniform center... most range from 33 to 36 inches... wide enough so the screen fits, but 4' wide bead board doesn't ... working from the floor is hard on my old knees....

    Tomorrow is Market Square Farmer's market day... supposed to be sunshine and 90 degrees... also Knoxville has a Biscuit Festival going on in Crutch park just off Market street... should bring good crowd... hopefully they'll need bowls and pepper mills to go with the biscuits.

    Sunday is to be determined... may depend on how worn out I am from tomorrow.... if not too spent, may finish tearing out timbers on a raised bed and putting metal around it... it's a lot harder tearing out those timbers now than it was putting them in 10 years ago.
    Tellico Plains, TN
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