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Thread: 'Tis Friday, Again!!!

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    'Tis Friday, Again!!!

    Wow! Made to another Friday! We are in a surge of storms now. Didn't get any rain last night but the winds were phenomenal. Some even were shaking the house. But amazingly enough there was no damage from the first look around. So for now the shop is gonna be somewhat quiet while these storms pass. Today will most likely be mainly watching 1950's sci fi movies with the dogs, relax the crappy left knee that has zero cartilage, and basically goof off. Might be the same thing tomorrow.

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    I think I will be making a cross member support for the Osprey to support the cabinet I want to build into it.

    I may also work on getting a fixture of sorts to make a dovetail jig for the machine.

    Ohhh - and I plan to till the garden. I have not planted the garden in 3-5 years
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    We got some storms rolling through last night and running into tomorrow morning. We had a some new additional furniture delivered today, so I'll be swapping out some from room to room this weekend. Hoping to bust out the rest of the entry way flooring this weekend and get that project rolled up. Need to get the pool cover off and figure out a problem with it, either a liner issue or break in a line. I've got a 50' endoscope camera I'm going to try to use to find the issue, but need to figure out a good way to get it snaked around the tight 90* turns.

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    Busy busy busy. Bunch of hungry woodworkers coming over.
    Host of the 2017 Family Woodworking Gathering - Sunken Wood

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    Cool and drizzly here today. Once the clouds clear it won't surprise me to see a dusting of snow on the mountains just a mile or two east of us. (And about 5,000 feet higher than us.)

    Starting off the weekend playing tonight in the City APA pool tournament, and if the team does well, we'll be back at it Saturday and potentially into Sunday. Quite honestly, I've got other things I'd rather be doing than hanging around a pool hall all weekend, but we were fortunate to get into the tournament, so we might as well make the most of it. The top teams from this tourney will go to the Nationals later this year in Las Vegas. The rest of the weekend is in limbo, contingent on how the team does at pool tonight and tomorrow.
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    LOML and I spent the morning driving over to Cairo (pronounced KAY-roh in these parts. Had lunch and came back home. I'll spend some time in my shop this afternoon sanding on my daughter's diploma frame and working on my 3d printer.

    Saturday will be shop time on a variety of things: cleaning, building a routing frame for my walnut slab, doing some mods to my 3d printer. Then, chill out and get ready for the NASCAR All-Star race.

    Sunday, I'll start the day by preparing brunch, then try to be a total vegetable the remainder of the day!
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    Well its long weekend here, what we call the 24 weekend and i plan on getting an actual 24 of beer for a social i am going to tomorrow and spending some time this weekend in the shop.
    Waiting at the airport parking right now for Lindas call to pick her up.
    Sons away for weekend so should be a peaceful weekend for both of us. Like a good husband i have done the washing, house cleaning, ironing and grocery shopping, i guess the wife can now handle the cooking. Lol
    Enjoy your weekend those going to sunken wood. Will be thinking of you guys.

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    Victoria Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer in Canada. Since we can't make it to Michigan, we're hopeful of getting the kayaks out on the "briny ocean tossed" and some barbecue, of course!
    Will be watching for Sunken Wood pics too!

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    Sunny and much warmer here this weekend. About time! Wish I could be in Michigan. Otherwise just goofing off a little. I have another week of vacation. WooHooo!

    Some say the land of milk and honey; others say the land of fruits and nuts. All together my sort of heaven.

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    I'm still in Greensboro Vermont chasing turkey. So I have no idea what's going on at the shop I do know that the bathroom upstairs flooded in the house and there's a big cleanup going on and I'm not there lol
    I dream a lot. I do more painting when I'm not painting. It's in the subconscious.
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