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Thread: Sharpener Jet vs Tormek

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    Sharpener Jet vs Tormek

    I bought the Jet for price. I want to get the the diamond truing accessory. It appears that the Tormek is a better choice. Opinions please:-)


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    jack, i don`t have either grinder you speak of but diamond points for dressing wheels are available at any good supply house....if you need one to ride on the guide bar it would only be a matter of drilling a few holes in a piece of aluminum to hold the point......tod
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    The Jet version is pretty much a copy of the 'old style' Tormek dresser.

    The new Tormek dresser is a great improvement. I have have both - for my Tormek - and much prefer the newer model with the screw driven advance.
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    Diamond grader


    Thank you so much for your post. A review of the two left me thinking the Tormek jig was the way to go. I have the Jet.


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    Sharpener Jet vs Tormek

    On the FineWoodworking Website Andy Rae demonstrates (in video) how to put a new edge on a plane iron. As part of his instruction, he reviews how to true up a grinding wheel.

    According to him, the diamond 'dressers' take off too much of the wheel surface too quickly, create a mess and make it difficult to put a square face on the wheel. He prefers the little carborundum sticks sold at hardware stores for the purpose.

    I don't sharpen using a grinder, but occasionally have to put a new square edge on a tool.

    Gary Curtis

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