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Thread: need a paint template made.

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    need a paint template made.

    Hi, I am building some bee hives and would like to paint an emblem on the face of each hive section. The emblem is the official logo of a religeous order that will be keeping bees. It is a bit busy as far as emblems go and has some Latin inscription. So my questions are; Is it hard to modify a scan to include bridges on the letters "O" and "D" etc so the letters look somewhat correct? What durable materials will the typical laser burn? I will potentially be painting 10's of hives.
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    Not sure about using a laser to cut things, but I've used a little cameo silhouette craft cutter to cut vinyl to use as stencils for things.

    I've used adhesive vinyl, but it's kind of a one off thing as once its pulled off it's a little unusable.

    My reason for posting is that I know that software has some features that makes it pretty easy to add the bridges by doing some editing on the the fonts to add them.

    I think those cutters can also do some thicker stencil material.

    So, pretty much, what I'm saying is that whoever makes your template and laser cuts it for you should be able to make the bridges pretty easily.
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    Not sure what is available to you but you really need a thin(ish) material for stencils, something between 1mm to 3mm really. The thicker the material the harder it will be to accurately paint/spray the letters I use 1mm HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) for this sort of thing if I am looking for something that is re usable & something like Avery paint mask if cutting from vinyl on the plotter.
    As for adding bridges it really depends what software you are using as some make that sort of thing easier than others. You could also try a search for stencil fonts, if you are lucky you may find one close enough to what they use

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