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Thread: Two axis bent leg, how to make it?

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    Or make the bending forms sacrificial for the cut for the second curve... that could be expensive though..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toni Ciuraneta View Post
    Well... not exactly what I am asking is wether my approach is the right one or not, and if not how should I make it.
    The idea is to bend/laminate on curve and get the other one on the band saw, doing what Carol and Robert suggest.

    Carol, I'm not trying to laminate on both planes, just one to save wood. If you look at the position and length of the side view vs the front view the amount of wood to use is outrageous as well as the amount of waste, if I made it out of a block of wood because its measures should be the ones I mentioned.
    If you were to cut the part as drawn: 1) you would waste a lot of wood; 2) the grain would run across the part so would be weak.

    If you were to rotate the part to be as close to following the grain as possible, in both planes (my hint above), there would be less waste and the measurement problem should disappear.

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    I think I've found why it is so difficult to make this leg. The section of the leg it is not square as I presumed but it is trapezoidal. As the top of the table is going to be glass, I found that it woud be good that the top of the leg would be square as seen on top view. As I drew the 3d leg from side and front views the leg section is not square, but trapezoidal, but it becomes square when cut by a plane parallel to the ground.
    So it would ve very difficult to cut this leg on the band saw as the angles of the trapezoid change along the curvature of the leg because thickness changes. So I think that in order to obtain the square section on top, I will have to cut the side view (bottom left) and then draw on each sides of it the two sections ( front & back) and shave them with a spokeshave or with a rasp.

    I have included three legs the original, the same with the cutting plane and the resultant one with the trapezoidal section showing. If you look at the bottom right view all of them look the same in ortographic projection. So if I wan to make the leg on the band saw, either I make them almost by hand or I put up with having a trapezoidal section shown under the glass if I make the leg of square section to cut it easily on the band saw.

    I include a drawing to show how the table will look but this is not by far the design, it is just to show you how the legs will be respect the top of the table. The design will remain secret until I make it having solved all problems.

    Geez this project is making me think a lot.!!!!!
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    In a word, Prototype.

    Buy some cheap solid wood, pine, whatever, try making one, fail, learn something, try again.

    Thats how guys did it for a very long time before we got computers to spend time on
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