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Thread: It's Friday, so whatja go planed for the weekend

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    It's Friday, so whatja go planed for the weekend

    I did get the shop done last week end so I hope to finish fitting the drawers on the Large desk , machine and glue up the top and maybe start sanding it. What yall got planed.
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Working in the shop saturday on a couple of built in cabinets for this whole house job.
    Maybe cut a little firewood and brush out of the pastures.

    Sunday is turkey day dinner at the church, so need to attend so I can get a brownie point with the wife

    Sunday afternoon, have no idea yet. Have so many projects to do, I'm sure I'll be doing something worth while.

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    Saturday is upon me, and it is a work day (what is this "Weekend" thing you guys talk about )

    On Sunday we have skating at 7:30 AM, then they have Ikebana (flower arranging) then I've got the rest of the day to myself, but we will be having a special dinner...............

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    My buddy Kajimoto San brought this by today, he was out duck hunting, he got this one with an air rifle, right in the head Nice shot, and no pellets to chew on!

    Gonna let it sit till Sunday and then cook it up, should be good, I told my two daughters that they would have to pluck it, they said "YUCK" City girls

    I'm hoping to get some work done in the Dungeon getting ready to start the Humidor project, I'll be buying the wood on Monday, and I have them Christmas presents to get to as well.

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    I will complete the move back into my workshop for the late-autumn-winter-early-spring season that I started earlier in the week. This involves a lot of small clean-up jobs and a few enhancements to the place.
    Cheers, Frank

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    My weekend started Monday. Slow week this week! Working on a job right now but by lunch I am headed to the saw mill. Going to pick up a load of poplar. Will see what other treasures he has hidden in the wood rack.

    I have to move all this thin oak to the barn since I can't really use it. I need to make a place to store wood down there. Once that is done I can unload the truck into the wood rack.

    Will continue on with the bed. Hope to get it glued up and build the rails. The the trim on it. I would like to get it ready for paint but I have my doubts. Anxious to show the finished project.

    On the I want to do list is start of the shaper restoration.
    Start one a couple of boxes for gifts.

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    haven`t talked to the boss(es) yet? hopefully assemble a couple more of these doors! i`m getting sick of looking at `em....
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    I've got a pool cue case in progress, three cutting boards on order, and a bunch of little gift-type lathe things I need to get made and ready to sell in time for Christmas. I also need to do a thorough shop cleaning and re-organization, but that's gonna have to wait until after the holidays.

    Time permitting, I need to remove a tree on the hillside in the back yard that's nearly dead. It's an unknown species, but it's got several burls on it that look promising. I'm just not looking forward to lugging the sawed-up logs and leftover twigs and branches up a 30 to 45 degree slope. 30 minutes of that nonsense and my back will be feeling the results for a week.

    I also plan to finish moving the stuff that's in LOML's old rented storage locker to the bigger one we're now renting, and doing other house and yard chores as dictated by SWMBO. Oh yeah, I've also got to buy a turkey and all the stuff I'll need to make T-Day dinner later in the week. (I'm the only cook in the house, so if I want turkey dinner, it's all up to me to make it.)

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    I got one of those tux events on Saturday night...and after church on Sunday I have to get a pile of branches chipped. Mostly I need's been a crappy week.

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    I plan to work on the shop a bit this weekend and do some things I haven't had time to do in a while. Business has slowed a bunch around here and I am all caught up for the time being except for one job I just don't want to start right now.

    I've got a woodshed to build too if the weather cooperates I may put in some time on that too. My firewood is under the camper cover and we've bought a new 5th wheel and I need to get the firewood out now to properly store the camper. Building the shed is only a part of the work, the rest is moving the 16-18 ricks of firewood. But then the wood will be uphill from the house and easy to roll inside when it comes time to restock the back porch
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