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    I have been cleaning up my lathe tools, as a few of them have got little rust spot and other dirt on them. Many of them also seem to be coated with a greyish substance, I think the manufacturer puts this on to prevent rust in shipping. Some of the tools were a bit spotty as some of the substance had come off. I was soaking some in Evaporust, and found that wiping the tool removed some of the crud, but the rest required to be taken off with steel wool. The four of five that I cleaned look great, but I have 25 lathe tools (I think) and cleaning one takes a lot of elbow grease. I think I have read that you can use something or other to loosen this stuff and make the process easier.

    As usual, any help greatly appreciated.

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    Kinda of have to identify the crud to learn the solvent of that particular crud. General crud removers include Simple Green, assorted router bit cleaners, and plain old soap and water. Good luck identified the solvent of your particular crud.

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    I get some crud if some kind on mine now and then. I generally seem to be successful using denatured alcohol. If that doesn't do it, then I use mineral spirits. But, all require a bit of work on your part.
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