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Thread: By George, I think I've got it!

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    Are the tires properly crowned? It would be difficult to get the tires to track properly or stay on the wheels if there was no crown.

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    When it came time to replace my blade guides, I just cut some of the lignum vitae that I have, and used that. Good enough for submarine shaft bearings...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Tulk View Post
    ...Those were pics of my visit with my son to the museum in Victoria, BC.
    I thought those looked familiar. I visited that museum about 40 years ago, when we lived in Seattle. Ehibits have changed a bit, but the theme is still the same. Great place!
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    Yes! I was in there in 1993, and they had a wonderful display of West Coast Indian life and housing. They have made some major changes, and I thought the museum was moving away from information to entertainment. Of course, most museum patrons these days don't have the patience to spend two minutes reading about a display.

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