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Thread: Windows 10 frustration

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    Windows 10 frustration

    Not CNC related, but I figured this must be where the computer gurus hang out.

    I just (I know, I'm a little behind the curve) upgraded my Windows 7 to Windows 10. Overall I am pleased. I like, for instance, the way it handles dual screens allowing me to have the task bar on both displays. My PC also seems to start and run a bit faster.

    What I don't like is a very annoying habit of windows 10 to go to sleep if the PC has not been active for even a couple of minutes. It will not go to sleep if there is a video playing, but if I just step away from the keyboard for a few minutes I have to wake it up in order to get back to work. A real pain if I am working on a drawing and just need to step out in the shop to check something and have to start things back up when I return.

    I have adjusted every power, sleep, hibernation, and screen saver setting I can find. I did a Google search on the problem and many are experiencing it, but I could not find a rock solid solution.
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    i took a quick peek at my settings here at home. i have both the sleep and turn screen power off set to never. i leave this one running all the time. same settings for the one running the cnc, and my laptop. (added note, just in case, you have to accept the changes before closing the window. settings----> system -----> power & sleep).
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    I have always set my computers to never sleep & never power down display, hard drives etc, I normally just use the control panel rather than use the power & sleep app in windows 10 but the results should be the same

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    I had the same problem on my work laptop, but some of the settings related to screensavers and power options were unavailable to me. (The machine is remotely managed by my employer ... Grrr!)

    So, I wrote a small Windows program called NoZzz. At a programmable interval it simulates rolling the mouse wheel up one click and back, which keeps the machine from going to sleep. I leave NoZzz running (minimized) all the time. There are umpteen similar programs out there, but I'd be happy to make mine available if anyone is interested...
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    What I find is that these companies get so big that they tell you what you need and want and they do NOT listen to you at all - at all - at all.

    Microsoft is NOT there to help you or listen to you.

    Intuit - makers of Quicken is in my estimation one of the worst companies for customer support - they have ZERO. They ABSOLUTELY do NOT listen to you.

    OK - rant off

    I am running Windows 10 on all my 5 computers - for the most part trouble free - that is until the upgrades hit.
    The biggest problem I have is redoing the network sharing. Every upgrade - it fails and I need to fix it.
    As to sleeping - I just let them sleep - I don't find any issue with waking them up.
    I run my CNC machine on Win10. As I think I shut off screen savers, sleep, and about everything else.
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    Sorry, just now seeing this. I'll have to see what mine are set to. One thing with windows 10 is that the windows updates can't be shut off on the Basic version or even Pro versions. I've just scheduled mine to update overnight as needed, so it may be that it is doing that to you. Also with that automatic update, be sure to save often and before the nightly update time (use auto save if your app has it).

    Kerry, I had a friend that wrote a similar app. It was for when his company told him that his job was being eliminated and he was going to be allowed to work from home for the last 6 months of his job to be available for support. The only stipulation was that he had to be logged in from 8 to 5 every day. So the little app kept his "active" icon active during that time every day as he was off working his construction job.

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    OK - thanks for the input! Please note that I stated early on that the computer went to sleep regardless of the settings (Timed or set to "Never"). Thanks to Kerry I did a little search on Google and found a free app called "Don't Sleep". I run this in the background and it keeps the computer awake all day. Ten, when I go in for the evening, it takes one click to disable it and the computer goes nighty-night.
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