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    I've watched a lot of wood turning videos and still do from time to time... I've taken something away from each one, I've rejected parts from each one as well. I've also rejected some videos as being either outrageous or just plan not so smart... I don't believe there is any one tutorial available that is a be-all or tell-all for any individual turner. We all have different talents, different experiences, different expectations and will all come out with different results... some good and some not so good. When you watch a video, take the parts that make sense to you.

    I agree that some of the videos are more for the ego or edification of the video-er than for those who want to learn from them... some are just professional video producers and aren't really for the purpose of teaching. I hate it when you're looking for a particular technique and the party making the video will tell you they sanded or hollowed or whatever off camera, when that is exactly the lesson your are looking for.... a number of very prominent turners are guilty of this.
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    Thanks Mike, had a quick look at Stuart Batty videos last night, never even considered how I was standing might be a factor. That may actually be a problem for me, having one duff leg it's actually difficult for me to shift my weight from one side to the other but I normally can find some sort of work round

    Chuck, thanks, yes I am not expecting to learn everything from one tutorial or even from one turner, I realise there are many different ways something can be done. I just wanted some opinions from experienced turners so I knew I was watching the right tutorials
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    Your quite right Leo, you can't do this on a wood lathe

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Problem I have with CNC is I can't really do bowls, with no rotary axis & only about 2" clearance under my gantry it's not really possible to do anything other than a shallow dish To add a rotary axis or increase the gantry height would involve major surgery, not something that I couldn't do but would not be the easiest of jobs. Maybe one day I will get round to it lol

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    I'll put in another vote for Brian Havens, especially for his skew videos. Really well thought out.
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