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Thread: old iron FS - yates american jointer

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    old iron FS - yates american jointer

    I've got an 8" Yates-American jointer that I can't keep. It's a great piece of equipment, but I don't have the room for it anymore. It's been stored at a friend's house who died several years ago, and I'd like to relieve his widow of the responsibility for this big machine.

    It was originally a 3-phase, direct drive unit, but was converted to single phase 220 belt drive by a professional mechanical shop. It runs beautifully and has plenty of power. I believe I still have the three-phase parts in a box somewhere.

    I'll post some pictures as soon as I can get over there, but I wanted to see if anyone on this forum would be interested. I'd like it to go to a good home where it would be appreciated. I'm guessing it's worth around $700, but let's talk.

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    Chuck, a location would REALLY help. Get some photos and I can pass the work around about it. For those that are not familiar with Yates, they made some really good machinery. They are one of my favorite makers.

    If you can find the original parts for the direct drive it would be more desirable to some people than with the belt drive.

    Look forward to some photos!

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    yates-american jointer - location

    The jointer is located in western VA, near Blacksburg. The 3- phase parts are buried among lots of other pieces of valuable junk in a shed on my farm. I really will try to dig them up this weekend and see what I've got. I'll also work on taking pictures. The machine is not at my place, so it takes a special trip.

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