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Thread: yates -american 8" jointer

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    yates -american 8" jointer

    I hope it's OK to post this message here. I wanted to get the word to this forum.

    I have a Yates-American 8" jointer that's been converted from 3 phase direct drive to single phase 220 belt drive. I was really happy to get it, and I used it for several years, but I can't keep it anymore. It's in great shape, but has been in storage. I would like someone who would really appreciate it to get it, so I've posted it in the classifieds. I believe it's worth about $600, but I'd like to hear your opinions.

    I don't have pictures now, but I plan to get over to where it's stored someday soon, so I'll post them as I get them.


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    Sounds like a good deal George. I don't have room for anything like that (yet!), but I'm looking forward to seeing pics. Let everyone know what part of the world you are in so locals can take advantage of the opportunity!

    By the way...Welcome to the Family!

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    I replied in the classifieds but some photos and a location would be good. I don't see any problem with a mention in this forum to draw attention the classifieds And if you get some more info on it I will be happy to spread the word around a bit about it to some old machine guys.

    I would ask that any follow ups stay in the classifieds though since that is the for sale section.

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