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Thread: the Shed of Happiness

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    the Shed of Happiness


    I've had my own workshop for a few months now, but I'm still in the "getting everything sorted out" stage. Before this I was in half of a two car garage that had a car parked in the other half.

    There is an old rusty Arrow shed in the backyard that we use for lawn mowers and bikes that we've nicknamed the Shed of Despair, so to distinguish my workshop shed from it, it's been christened the Shed of Happiness.

    Thought y'all might like to take a look at it.

    The shed is roughly 12x24. Very roughly, it's interior is closer to 10.5 x 22.5. It's a Morgan building. It's barn shaped, roughly 12 foot high in the center. The walls are roughly 7 foot tall. I added extra studs (the shed was built with 30 inch centers!) and built a loft, left about four feet at each end to get up there and get stuff down. Right now the loft is four sheets of 4x8 OSB, so that's an extra...128 square feet of storage. The purple lines on the drawing below are where the loft is. I left the middle open for now, although I find I never use it for access, so soon it'll be covered up with OSB, too.

    Here is my latest layout plan for the Shed of Happiness:

    As best I could I made everything to scale. Tools are blue. Storage is (mostly) red. The yellowish things are benches. Right now the benches are solid core wooden fire doors on legs, with 2x6s for stiffening. I hope to build at least one good woodworking bench in the nearish future. It'll have a bit of old bowling alley for the top.

    Took some pictures of the shed while I was building the loft, they're here.

    After the wiring is done then I'll put up pegboard or plywood on the rest of the walls. Right now just from the floor to four feet is has OSB on it. All the outlets will be at four feet, I hate having to bend over and dig around behind stuff to get to outlets.

    I don't have a dust system, yet, other than "wear a mask, and when it gets bad open the doors and run the leaf blower."

    Wood storage will be up in the loft, or on a rack over the lathe and/or RAS if I end up needing more storage. Wood drying will be done in the mezzanne of the attic of my parents house. It gets pretty warm up there, and there's plenty room. Haven't taken any pictures up there since we finished the attic, sorry.

    I'm a little light on tools right now. A lot of my tools, both hand tools and power tools, were hand me downs. But I'm slowly building up. Got some neat old Millers Falls hand drills the other day at a garage sale. Haven't run across any good old planes though. Hoping to find a nice older jointer and or thickness planer soon.

    My table saw is in the garage right now. Buried under a pile of stuff temporarily, while we work on the fixing up our house. It's an older craftsman cabinet saw. It's going to be cleaned up a bit and repainted, and get some additional extensions and a mobile base before going out to the shed.

    I bought a Boice Crane cabinet saw at an auction for $20 a few weeks ago. Surprisingly it works fine. Does need a fence and a miter gauge and a blade guard, and a blade, but aside from that it was all there and working. I fixed it up this last weekend, cleaned it up a bit, got the table nice and clean, re-wired the motor, and now my brother in law is taking care of it for me. It's replacing his Harbor Freight TS with a burned out motor.

    The RAS is in use right now at my dad's, but once we finish rebuilding their house we'll work on rebuilding his workshop, and then he'll start using a big DeWalt RAS and I'll take care of his Craftsman RAS. The metal shaper and lathe are still in storage, but once the shed floor is braced some more and made nice and sturdy they'll be moved out there. I don't know how much the lathe weighs, but it's around 800 pounds. Aside from the metal shaper and the drill press, all the large power tools will have mobile bases. I went ahead and put them on the layout even though I don't have them yet, so I could see where they'd fit.

    I know you're not supposed to mix metal and wood working, but given the size I don't think I'll be able to have separate areas.

    Any thoughts? Good, bad or ugly.


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    hi mike! ol` jeff horton will be drooling over your jointer
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    Hey Mike -- Lookin' Good

    I'm in a shed also, its 20' x 28' -- I had it custom built on site. It's wood frame with the metal roof. I insulated it drywalled it. It works just fine, it's my little piece of paradise in this crazy world. Sure beats sharing the garage!!

    Tony, BCE '75

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    Welcome Mike. Nice shop, great use of space.
    Sweet Jointer!
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    Sure looks like a "Happy Place" to me!!
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    Hi Mike! Welcome to the Family. Good to see another wood cousin from Fort Worth!
    Getting out of the garage is a wonderful thing. Congrats on the shop. It takes a while to get things right. (Or so I've heard...I'm still rehabbing mine.) Jim.

    PS: where did you find the bowling alley wood? I'd love to be able to find about 11 feet of it for my multistation wall bench top.
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    Looks great to me, hope to be posting photos soon of my new shop-to-be. Nice photos on your site there. Keep em'coming!

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    Thanks guys!

    The bowling alley wood came out of one of the air force bases down in San Antonio a few years ago. They were rebuilding it or something and tossed the wood out!

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    Nice looking space Mike.

    Your cabinet saw looks like mine, don't see too many like that .


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    Hey Mike, that shed looks great. Any place that you can get away is a happy place.

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