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    CA glue

    This is probably a dumb question but what is ca glue?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn Lakes View Post
    This is probably a dumb question but what is ca glue?
    Cyanoacrylate. Super Glue!

    Woodworker's gold for filling cracks and voids, or stabilizing that cracked turning blank, or stabilizing a knot before filling it.

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    Thanks. I guess that I should have had some of that a few days ago. It would have saved me from having to buy a new face shield.

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    Shawn I wouldn't super glue a face schield. If my cracks or breaks it is off to get a new one. My face is to important to skimp.
    Bernie W.

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    Bernie, I think Shawn was referring to the chunk of wood that he broke the face shield with! I had a nice size chunk hit my face shield the first time i put it on. Glad I had put it on and definitely gave me a quick lesson on why using one is important!

    Shawn, Welcome aboard!

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    Yep it was a knot about the size of a quarter. It hit just at the bottom edge od the shield. The shield is Z87 approved so it should withstand the impact of a .22 bullet but not a chunk of wood.

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    I find CA glue a great thing for turning, but I also use it a lot for making Jigs and such as with the use of accelorator on one part, you can just zap stuff together in seconds. The, if needed, a brad or two holds everthing together.

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