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Thread: SMC message about Dale Thompson (Pesh)

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    SMC message about Dale Thompson (Pesh)

    I'm posting this copy and paste message with John's permission:

    This is, without a doubt, the most difficult thread I've posted in all my years on the Internet. As some of you know, Dale Thompson (Pesh) has been a long standing member of this community but, most recently, has been battling cancer. I just received a phone call from his daughter, Stacey. Long story short, they don't expect our buddy to make it a week. He's comfortable and at home but, his body is no longer able to process oxygen properly nor clean up the CO2 in his body. Stacey assured me that Pesh has made peace with himself, his family and his Lord and is ready for the next leg of his journey.

    Stacey did have a special request, though. She is looking to see if there's any appropriate poem or prayer for a Woodworker, which may relate a connection between The Number 1 carpenter and those who have followed in this craft. If any of you folks know of such a verse, please, forward it on to me and I will be sure to get it to Stacey, as she really would like this on the front page of the church program.

    I just don't know what else to say, plus it's just too hard to see the monitor through the tears. Pesh, you will be missed. But, your humor, your completed projects, all the good which you've done for so many and your words of wisdom will carry on into Eternity. The good Lord will now be taking care of you. You will never be forgotten. Be at peace, my friend. Be at peace. __________________
    John K. Miliunas

    Just wanted those of you that don't visit SMC to know. Dale is a special and funny guy. Jim.
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    Dale's wit will be missed. He was a fine man always willing to sacrifice his own persona so the other guy could have a good laugh. Sage.........witty........He will be missed.
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    I knew he was battling cancer, and I've very sorry to hear that it has come to this, he will certainly be missed, I surely enjoyed his wit and his humor.

    Godspeed Dale!
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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Seen John's post just a few minutes ago.
    Sad to hear about Dale.
    I always enjoyed his posts. He is such a hoot.

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    I am truly sorry to hear this. Pesh has been a true Craftsman, both with Wood, AND Words. His wit, humor and craftsmanship will surely be missed. May he go in Peace.

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    Thanks Jim. You did right.
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    dry humor and loving dad.

    will also miss pesh, almost go tto meet him last year but things didnt work out,, hope the poem can show up that was requested his humor was and will be rembered.... thanks for lettun us know...
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    I always enjoyed reading his posts...always some humor to it I got a bunch of laughs reading his stuff, his SMC "autobiography" was hilarious.

    Sorry to see such a fine man near the end, wish I had more eloquent words or the poem requested at my fingertips.

    We are all better for sharing the keyboards with "Pesh".
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    Pesh and his family will be in my thoughts, too. He's one of the good guys. I wish him the peace and happiness he deserves.

    Thanks Jim (and John).
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    G'Day Jim

    You could perhaps adapt this poem

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