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Thread: Can anyone turn a 'peg-leg'?

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    Unhappy Can anyone turn a 'peg-leg'?

    I, for one, won't be turning anything in the near future. I've been having lots of pain in my right leg, mainly in the knee area with radiation into the hip and ankle/foot. When the pain became unbearable I finally forced myself into the doctor's office. He immediately ordered an MRI and referred me to the ortho surgeon. Hence, total knee replacement scheduled this coming Thursday. The official medical diagnosis is "YOUR KNEE IS ALL MESSED UP!"

    So, anyone with proper skills want to do that peg-leg for me?

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    Sorry to hear about the diagnosis - but - a friend just had his done after a few years of pain. Two months later he's angry he didn't get it done sooner! Yes, the rehab isn't fun, but now he's back to doing the things he couldn't with the bad knee.

    Good luck with the surgery.


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    Good luck with your surgery Sandy! I have a little sister who had one replaced last year. She wishes she'd done it earlier and she's only 49 years old.

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    Good luck with the surgery Sandy. I used to work with an ortho surgeon (good friend too) and I can assure you that today's techniques and devices are much better than in years past. Being in a retirement community, some things like knee and hip replacement are common events, we see a lot of it and universally all report they wish they had done it sooner.
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    I promise I will try to get all the house-keeping chores done, so that you won't have dishes to put in the dishwasher, no windows to clean, no animal hair on the floors or carpet, no lawn to mow, no bowls to turn, no wood to burn, no wood to carve...

    Ooooops!!!!!!!! I am getting a little carried away, aren't I?


    Sandy is the toughest gal you could ever meet. She has endured pain for may years. When we lived overseas she was told she WOULD need a new knee some time, and that time has come.

    Honey, I promise I will try to get all the house-keeping chores, so that you won't have dishes to put in the dishwasher, ...........

    I promise I will help in every way I can to get you through this. Love,


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    Here's to a quick recovery Sandy. You'll be up and about in short order. Maybe a little extra pain in the short term, but a lot less in the long term.
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    Sorry to hear that, Sandy. Best wishes on the recovery. Me thinks I'm on the verge of the same thing, but I'm too stubborn to go the doc about it. My step-dad has had both knees replaced and he does just great, but there's something about doctors and hospitals I just don't care for. No offense meant to any docs out there.

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    So you get some new joints, Eh? Well let me tell you that I have several frinds and relatives that have had a great successful story from their experiences. Me, I get new "Peg legs" every few years.

    I know a man with two hooks for arms/hands and two Prosthetics for legs and does a special job of living a life of normal folks. He drives a regular PU truck, No special controls, Water ski with the best of them, rides motorcycle, and enjoys life to the fullest. I myself have a couple of "Peg legs" High tech prosthetics and would trade them for a new set of knees any day... Remember... "I cried because I had no shoes till I saw a man who had no feet"....

    You have a great operation and swift recovery. Mind the rehab nurses and remember to take whatever they offer, (better living through Chemestry) as they won't offer if you can't handle it. Don't go "Manly and refuse the pills and tough it out. Tough, is what fools bear through.

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    Bill, you really bring it into perspective. Thanks for the awakening. I'll never forget seeing a man with one arm wind-surfing one day and marveled at his strength, courage, plain old intestinal fortitude. Sometimes we get all wrapped up in our so-called problems and forget there's a whole world around us that live with greater difficulties in their life and reach for the stars. Take care of those legs!! And thanks for your encouragement. I wish you cartwheels and wind under your wings!!!!!!!!


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    A quick, short update

    Just to let you folks know:

    Sandy had her total right knee replacement surgery, which went extremely well! She has been in great spirits, in pain, but meds work well when she decides to press the button to get them delivered on-demand.

    The doctor said she should be able to come home on Sunday; therapy will also take place at home, which will be quite nice. I hope to be able to contribute to her recovery to a great extent .

    This morning she walked around one entire bank of rooms on the ward, and will have an even longer walk this afternoon.

    In short, we have a LOT to be thankful for! I wish you all a happy holiday weekend, with lots of family activities. Happy woodworking!

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