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Thread: weekend aquisitions -free!

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    weekend aquisitions -free!

    Yesterday Grizzz and I had to go recover a load of beech which he had stored at a friend's place. My woodhauler was pressed into service as I don't think his GM sedan would work very well with 100 bf of beech. I neglected to take photos while we were under load, but I did get some of a few 'extra' items which his buddy threw in the truck. He's moving and 'it all has to go'.

    I wound up with several useful items for my new shop: first, two windows:

    plus 3 and and a half sheets of 3/8" pegboard (could have gotten more, but don't think I'll need it, and didn't want to seem too greedy)

    He also threw in a nice metalworking vise and a Buffalo 6" bench grinder. (never heard of that brand, but free is free, and so I now have a grinder)

    While I was in there I organized my tools and put the materials I have on hand for the trusses for my shop up front where I can get to them easily.

    I found my stash of 4" flex hose, Think I have enough?

    That stack of lumber in front is all of the truss parts, plus my old workbench (disassembled)

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    Free is almost always good, and free windows are GREAT, as those suckers cost MONEY!

    The grinder and the bench vice look good as well, I'd say, you had a great day

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    Buffalo is the house brand for Ace Hardware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Spencer Mings View Post
    Buffalo is the house brand for Ace Hardware.
    thanks Jerry, I haven't fired 'er up yet, but having met Mark, I bet it still hums along well.

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    Keep getting free stuff and it's gonna cost you $50 more per month for a larger storage unit.

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    Everytime that I look at your storage shed I think that it is mine due to the Stow n Go wheel barrow with the sliding handles being in the pictures. A pretty good tool for the money. I bought mine from Tractor Supply and it is the only thing that I have bought at my local store due to the attitude of the manager. If I want to buy something from that company I have to drive an extra twenty miles one way to get to another store. I guess that I am only hurting myself as I understand that they are all company stores and not individually owned. Maybe it will bring a change in management if enough people do what I am doing.

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