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Thread: Adjustable Clamp Co. - CS

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    Adjustable Clamp Co. - CS

    Not sure if this belongs here but, it seemed right.

    I had picked up some deep throat pipe clamps about a year ago because YCNHEC. I came across a reason to use them and so opened them up . . . no little spring-things for the ends of the pipe.

    These are not a big deal but they keep the threads from getting buggered (in case you want to extend your pipes) and act as a stop if you're not paying attention (who, me?).

    I figured, nothing ventured, nothing gained and so emailed ACC customer service and asked how much these little guys were. 3 days later a bag of them appeared in my mailbox.

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    Now That's good Cust Svc. I've seen other good reports on that Co as well.

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