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Thread: HELP! I need a quick and easy Finnish

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    HELP! I need a quick and easy Finnish

    So LOML volunteered me again... I have 40 wine holders to Finnish in the next week, the kind you stick a wine bottle in and it balances at an angle.

    In the past I've used BLO, lacquer and poly, but that was only for one or two at a time. With 40 to do and only a week to Finnish them I need something quick and easy! I think some sort of whipping Finnish that I can just wipe on and set aside would be best but I've got no idea what. In the past I've just put a screw in the bottom and hung them, but 40 makes that a bit difficult.

    Anyone have any good ideas???


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    Shellac. In a can. At the borg...

    Spray on lacquer?

    Poly, cut with naptha, and just a hint of BLO?




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    Bill, could you cut some long strips of 1/4" plywood, mdf, hardboard or something, and then run a screw through that into the bottom of the wine holders so you could set them on saw horses or a bench and then just spray them all with lacquer from a spray can, (if you don't have a spray rig)? The lacquer would dry fast and give a nice finish. if the bottom needs finish too, you could then remove them from the strips and lay them down side by side with the bottom facing up, and spray that area too.

    Just space them far enough apart on the strips to be able to get the spray to each one.

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    Mike, I've made a bunch of these and used shellac for a finish. Drys fast enough to do a batch and then go back over. I hung 3 at a time from a series of fishing hooks tied to about 12" of mono line and tied off on a dowel rod. The holder was "hooked" on the inside of the bottle hole where the very small "puncture wound" it is not visible. They I could spray or wipe all around the wine holder. You could use more hooks to do 40.

    FWIW, the finish has held up very well.
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    I've had good luck with the following in order...

    1. Spraying lacquer (Target Coatings)
    2. Equal parts - thinner / varnish / oil (raw tung or blo) - may need a couple coats, the thinner helps with penetration and drying time.
    3. BLO/Raw Tung/Varnish - equal parts - you'll need multiple coats here, but easy to apply

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    Acoat of Danish oil works good.

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    Watco Danish oil wipe on wipe off!
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