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Thread: Looky what I got today! Gloat of sorts.

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    Looky what I got today! Gloat of sorts.

    We have a family that adopted a dog from us a few years ago, that has fostered dogs occasionally. Glenna took one to their house for fostering purposes today (yeah, 10 dogs instead of 11 tonight!!) The husband works for Xerox and had told me he gets levelling feet from time to time off of old machinery that is being replaced. Even though the old ones can be reused, Xerox insists on new ones to be installed each time. He has several under the bench legs in his garage/shop to level the benches. He promised to get some for me. Well, he came through. There are 19 or 20 of these babies.Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	877Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	878 the one on the right is as low as it will go, the one of the left is out as far as it goes. They have built in stops where you can't disassemble (unscrew) them completely, except that the small ends will come off, which is good because I will need to drill and contersink some mounting holes for the bottoms of the cabinet legs. On the lage plate, floor, side the screw treads are coarse. On the small (cabinet) end, the threads are fine pitch. There is even a flat wrench for adjusting them!! And the best part????? FREE!!
    So, now all I need to do is insulate the walls, and put up some wall covering, then build benches! AND IT'S THE WEEKEND!!! Jim.

    edit: You know, the large ends already have holes in them, and a circle of rough textured material that could grip a wooden leg, Might be as good to mount them little end on the floor. What do you think??
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    Nice score, Jim. Like you said, the best part, their free!

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