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Thread: Par-ky (wood tiled) floors

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    Par-ky (wood tiled) floors

    I have just started the first phase of re-modeling our guest bedroom. It needs a lot done. floors, cupboards, window frames, ceilings and electrical fittings.

    I lifted a few floor tiles last night. They are in pretty good condition as they were covered by carpet. They seem to have been stuck down with a tar like substance! Does anyone have any idea as to how to get this off? (see pic)

    I am going to save them and use them for a verandah we will be enclosing and incorporating into our lounge. They are Rhodesian teak, which should look a little lighter than the picture, once I have scraped off 50yrs worth of goop.
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    i have friend that used to lay flooring and will ask him tommrrow on the chances of gettin that glue off but from i can see, your gonna regret trying to.. it looks like a tar or urathane base adhesive,,tuff stuff
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    Hi Larry

    Thats what I thought. Maybe Ill just scrape it off where it has been messed on the sides, and leave it on there.

    If I could find out what it is I may use the same stuff for re-laying the tiles.

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    Stuart..........I removed a similar if not the same adhesive from the floor in my basement when I remodeled my bathroom. Tough stuff. I found a remover at a local BOrg.....directions stated specifically what kind of a respirator to use....and then with the windows open....and respirator ...I was able to get most, if not all of it off. Mind you, I was removing it from concrete which I think would be easier than removing it from a wood subfloor......Maybe you might remove the tile and install a new subfloor material...then the new flooring and leave the adhesive as is?

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    Stuart, I don't know which house/room I encountered that stuff, but it sure brought back bad memories from many years ago - more than 25 years.

    Getting enough of the glue removed from the floor so that the floor is level was the problem that sticks in my mind. If you plan to reuse the wood tiles, you will also have to remove it from the tiles, and it is so miserable, I bet you discard the wood tiles rather than going through that half of the process.

    If you have only removed a few tiles, I would consider replacing them, and cleaning them in place - continuing to use them in that room.
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    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you should probably get the mastic tested for asbestos. Alternatively, you could just assumes that it does, and manage it appropriately (e.g., don't heat it, wear a good resperator, and keep it moist and seal off the area). The pro's apply some chemical to soften it up, unfortunately, I don't know which one.

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