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Thread: Machine Delivery Help Resource

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    Machine Delivery Help Resource

    I have just completed a 10-page .PDF file (a little over 1MB in size) that contains nearly 50 photos with descriptive captions showing the delivery of my new MiniMax 410 Elite combo and MM20 band saw. I believe it could be a help for those folks expecting a new machinery delivery. Because the file size is too large for posting here, I invite you to email me and request a copy. Thanks.

    Jeff Wright
    Treasure Island FL
    jkwright @

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    Congratulations on the machines Jim. Couldn't you post an abridged version here for us to drool over?
    Cheers, Frank

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    A few photos

    Thanks Frank. I attached two screen shots of some pages from the PDF file. Hope it gives an idea about the file. BTW, I did post the entire file on the MiniMax Yahoo forum website where it can be downloaded.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DeliverySamplePage2.jpg   DeliveryCover2.jpg  
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