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Thread: Question what angle

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    Question what angle

    Been commissioned to build a couple of 4 ft outdoor
    benches with back rest. The man has a bad back
    and wants them to be comfortable.

    Starting them the first thing in the morning.

    What angle do you suggest for the back?
    Seems like it could be about 5-7 degree?

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    Hi Bob,
    The angle relationship between the seat which I tilt downware slightly, with a slight roll, and the back is very important and if you don't find out from him you have a 80% chance of getting wrong infornmation. Somehow, I think, you should mock up a a seat and back of anything you can use to determine what makes him happy and "that" is the correct angle. I realize this may seem more difficult but I have found that my clients see the reasoning in your ways, appreciate your approach and are willing to be more concerned for you and the project in general, plus once they see the way you approach "their" satisfaction, and they have made the final decision of the "ANGLE", you are off the hook on that issue, and, as long as you reproduce what they decided on as correct it is not something you need look back at. Good luck, and keep us "pictured" I mean posted.
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    Good response.
    Didnt mention that I have the seats (6 of them 8ft)
    church pews. They already have the curve in the bottom
    for...........(double a)

    All I need to do is build the sides and backs.
    Built a deacon bench last summer, it had a straight back.
    He remember seening it and wanted the same only with
    a lean back.

    As I mentioned good post, will get with him.

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    I'm with Shaz; visit him and have him show you a comfortable position for him sitting. Measure your height and angles from there.

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    I agree with Shaz and Glenn but I'll add one additional thing. If you can make the back shaped, it'll feel more comfortable than if the back is straight. At least that's my experience.

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    Another thing to consider, the seat should be wide enough so that you sit on your legs not your tail bone. Low seat (Lower than your knees) causes you to plant your Arse square on the tailbone, (ouch my back after a few minutes) High seat makes you dangle your feet and sway your back. Seat must have some slope toward the back but such that the bulk of your weight is resting on your thigh bones (and meat) rather than your spine. Far too many seats are based on uncomfortable arrangements for easy constructiuon. Fine for kids in camp but for adults it is a nightmare. Even Church pews are a PITA so to speak as they cheapen their construction and forget about basic principles of seating comfort.

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