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    Website Help

    Hi, I was wondering if you guys could take a look of my new website. I build wood cremation urns, and give me some feed back on what you think about it. Is there anything you would suggesest to improve on it?



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    hi ryan!
    i`d think that the urn market would be one that mortuaries would be interested in? and if you wanted to market to mortuaries prices shouldn`t be available for the "general public" to view....otherwise folks will scream at the 3-400% mark-up that they far as site advice? i`m a computer moron can`t offer anything constructive.....tod
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    As for the web site, it's very unprofessional looking I think. I have done a few web sites and it's better than most I think.

    Are you set up for production runs or are you just trying to market to individuals?

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    Did you make it with Web Easy? Kinda looks like their templates.
    Only suggestion I would add is that you should have more self serving puff on the first page. Sell yourself.
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    Looks as good as most of the of other websites selling Urns.
    The site is clean , simple, fast and complete, just the way websites
    are otter be. wouldn't hurt to have more meta tag keywords in the html
    script to be able to be picked up by the search engines.

    Right now you have none;
    <meta name="keywords" content="" />
    <meta name="description" content="" />

    I would have the pictures of the urns enlarge in a different minimized box (window) so
    when you click on them for a close-up look at your product.

    And as Frank suggests a little puff never hurts.

    Welcome Ryan, Good To Have You Aboard!
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    Hi Ryan,
    Welcome to Familywoodworking.
    I don't know much about web design stuff so have nothing concrete like the other fellows. Hopefully you will come to enjoy your time and fellowship here.
    You are targeting a niche, I think that is good, don't have to leave the shop.
    My comment is for thought not criticism. Who are you targeting, the living or the dead's survivors? Does "Dungeon" and dead go together in a way that the people buying your product will be drawn to your company name like a moth to the flame? We want that moth to the flame thing.
    Good luck with it all.
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    i to am not a web site guru but he first impression i had was the name dungeon didnt sound to inviting and not real caring.. the appearnce of the site is good but does appear to be alittle plain ,,i agree on the pic. zooming that was mentioned as well.. you could look into the morticain style of advertizing for some ideas of being "compoasionate" the folks lookun into gettun one of your urns are in a generally sad mood so they wont be cheery folk at that time so try to cosole them alittel and convice them you are a caring person delivering a specail product that was made with compassion in mind.
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    Welcome to the clubhouse, Ryan. I'll echo the previous suggestions, and also say I think it looks pretty good, especially for a first shot. I've learned that websites tend to evolve as you run them. They are seldom perfect right from the start. I think you've got a good start, and a nice basis from which to expand and tweak the site.

    One suggestion to add...the copyright notice should have a date. Something like:

    2007 Dungeon Wood Creations. All rights reserved.

    (I do a lot of copyrighted work for my "real" job, so I've done the drill a lot.)
    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Horton View Post
    As for the web site, it's very unprofessional looking I think. I have done a few web sites and it's better than most I think...
    Based on the context of the rest of the message, I'm guessing Jeff was meaning to say "professional" instead of "unprofessional".
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    Although I hate to sound redundant.... ME TOO on what has just been said. Start with a name change and then a little (what did they call it?) Puff, I would say More Sentimental and caring... embellish the workmanship play on the timely need. The caring craftsman.... Good start but not yet there.

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    Yep, not a bad start!

    Here are some wording tweaks I would make:
    Home page
    1) Change the word "are" to "our".

    Personalized Urns page
    1) Synchronize the page title with the corresponding menu item ("Personalized Urns" vs "Name Customization Plates")
    2) Add missing apostrophe to "customer's expense".

    Shipping and Payment Information page
    1) Synchronize the page title with the corresponding menu item ("Shipping and Payment Information" vs "Shipping Policy")
    2) (Minor) Change the word "insure" to "ensure".
    3) Change "Pay pal" to "PayPal" and drop the comma after the word.
    3) The rest of the site uses "we" and "us", but this page uses "I" and "me". The usage should be consistent throughout.

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