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Thread: 15hp 3ph motor...***25hp too!***

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    15hp 3ph motor...***25hp too!***

    Found this on Craig's list...

    Any thoughts, comments, interest?
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    Hi Greg,
    That looks like quite the find for someone who knows what to do with motor like that. Powerful enough to turn tree trunks into shapely vessels.
    Somebody's got to want that.
    Thanks for the post.
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    As the fellow said, perfect for a Phase Converter. I am looking for a 10hp motor right now. There cheap enough it's just finding one close by. To heavy to ship.

    I found one this morning for $40. But I figure it going to take a tank of gas, $60 to drive there and back to get it! Darn gas prices!

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    Shaz...this one will turn Giant Sequoia .... Or, one-up Marty and really suck!

    Compare size to circuit breaker panels....

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    My concern would be the amps required. I currently use a 220v 30a circuit for a 7.5HP, and the only reason that is able to do so safely is that the 7.5HP is not a typical 23amp, but a lower 19.2 amp motor.

    If you have a large circuit in your house, that won't matter for you.

    You will also need an appropriate static converter for the 15hp motor.

    Bottom line is that if you can size the rest of what would be a rotary phase converter with the 15hp motor, you could start just about any reasonable machine, and then. I think 15HP is too big. I use a 7 1/2HP rpc and 5HP is the largest motor I start (my table saw).

    OTOH, you will rarely run across machines that have bigger than 5HP motors, although I see some planers that have 71/2HP and 10HP motors. Horses for courses...for certain in this case...
    Last edited by Alan DuBoff; 05-29-2007 at 03:56 AM. Reason: edit: mine is a 19.2amp 7.5HP motor, not will start a 5HP machine.

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    Do homework, operate safely!


    Here's some information on phase converters from phase-a-matic, and notice the gauge required for 15HP...geez, 3 gauge, I've never seen that in any homes, I don't think. I guess you'd have to run from the breaker box to the motor, but the motor to machine could be the gauge required for the machine.

    Also note the amps, it requires 100 amps per this chart. (that's 100amps of 220!)

    Also note the pricing difference between the static converters that PAM sells, from 5HP to 15HP...I've seen info on building your own static converter online, if you feel comfortable doing so, but just to compare apples to apples, these are prices for pre-built static converters.

    Size your converter wisely.

    In some cases, like bandsaws that require a lot of power to turn on/off, you need a converter that is 50% larger, so a 5HP would need a 7 1/2 HP. Table saws and jointers are not as bad, but bandsaws will require more power, I think it's the inertia needed.

    So you would be able to start a 10HP machine. I'd like to see a show of hands for folks that have a 10HP machine? OTOH, you could run 30HP of machines at the same time.

    I personally don't like to leave power machinery on, when I'm not using it, so will only need to use dust collection when I build it<g>, and one machine. Also the advantage of phase converters is that I can now build a pentz style DC with a 5HP 3phase motor that I only had to pay $40 for.

    Lastly I'd like to ask a question. You will get 3x the amount of HP of the converter, so if the converter has a 15HP motor, you could safely run 3x. Will you need 30HP of machines running at the same time?
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