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Thread: Todays Kill

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    Talking Todays Kill

    Hi All, it's been awhile. I've been working out of town. Just thought I'd post a few pix of some of the cherry I milled today, 4/4 X 10" X 11'. Very pretty stuff.

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    Thumbs down Ok I can take a hint.

    Ok, I can take a hint. Later Recon a cat got your toungs but What Ever. I got some killer cherry and u all dont

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    [quote=Randy Wynn;42389]
    Ok, I can take a hint. Later Recon a cat got your toungs but What Ever. I got some killer cherry and u all dont
    Gloating is not nice; Randy! and besides that you and I are the only ones up at this time of the morning. So what are you planning on making with that streaked up cherry? I'm jealous, no envious, jealousy is a sin.
    Mack C. in Brooklin ON
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    Lightbulb sorry randy

    but last night when i saw it, i was tired and headed fer bed,,yup ya got sum purty cherry, if i see it clearly today it looks like you cut the log right threw the pith area one of those boards shows the center growth and the knots. but i havnt seen any streaking like that in cherry before where did the tree come from? anything specail about it life? got sum stuff i am gonna cut soon but still have a few more logs to gather..whats the widest you can saw?
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    Hi Randy,
    That is some killer cherry. Good for you.
    The only problem I see in having that wood is that it leads to about a solid month long project to do the wood justice. You better not cut any more unless you just want too .
    Great find.
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    I've used a fair bit of American cherry over the last couple of years, but none of it looked like that!

    It just goes to confirm my suspicions that like the French and their wine, you guys keep the good stuff for yourselves!


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    It must be great to have you own milling setup and have access to the raw materials that you do. I sure wish that I had more storage space so that I could buy enough of your stuff to make it worthwhile. We need a group of guys around the area that would be willing to order enough to make up a load and split it up.

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    Sorry I did not see this sooner Randy, but my home computer threw a rod, so I've been offline for more than a day

    nice wood!!
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    That is some beautiful stuff.

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    Randy, that is some gorgeous cherry. I am GREEN with envy.

    Now ya got it, what are you going to do with it????

    Nancy Laird
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