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Thread: New Member says hi.

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    Talking New Member says hi.

    Hi guy's n gal's.
    I see a lot of SMC members here. I just joined so I thought I would say hi & give you a tour of my minuscule shop. size is 8' x 8'. Ceiling height is almost 7'
    I have done some re-arranging I switched the tool chest & the TS that is hiding behind the water heater.


    Pics are in order from doorway then going in clockwise view starting on the left.

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    Welcome Chuck. Nice little shop you have. My first shop was the same size.

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    Good to see you over here Chuck! Looks like that you do a lot of work there. That's what it is all about.

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    Welcome to the family Chuck!

    Wow, you shop has a lot of stuff in it!

    Nice to see someone with a smaller shop than me!!

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    Welcome. That is a great set up you have there.

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    Welcome to Family, Chuck. Nice little shop just chock full of good stuff. But you, like so many others, must have had Merry Maids come in to clean before you took these pictures. Too clean!!!!

    Nancy Laird
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    Hi Chuck,
    It is really good to have you here with us. From the looks of your well equipped shop you must make alot of different things. Thanks for showing us your shop photos, I'll bet there is some fine stuff comes away from there .
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    Thanks everybody for the welcome.

    Stu yep mine is smaller then yours but you have a little bit harder time getting stuff in your dungeon. I remember you posted pics on how you got your lathe in there. good thing you can also weld

    I will have a bigger shop after my son moves out. He gets his Bachelor's degree next May then just have to wait. Then my shop will be 15' x 40' half of the basement.

    Thanks Shaz. I just started to acquire tools. last year my customers gave me enough money for X Mas to get the 14" Rikon Delux band saw. The year before I got the Rigid 10" folding TS. Next year I'm getting the Planer & DC system & maybe a Jointer if I have enough money left over.

    That shop is a mess I usually always clean up after using it I guess it's from being a Supply Sgt in the Army I like things organized. Also my son keeps sneezing from all the dust so I have to keep the shop vac running to help with the dust.

    Not yet but every X mas I'll be adding to it

    Exactly I am so tired of watching the boob tube I had to get a hobby that interested me (we won't talk about the amount I spent )

    another small shop owner it does really suck but you got to work with what you got right.

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    Chuck welcome to the group.

    Is that a beer cooler I see off to the right?
    If need be
    Got the coffee pop on.

    WoodWorking, Crappie Fishing, Colts, Life is good!

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    Welcome aboard Chuck!
    You have done more with your 8' square than I have with my 24' square!

    Nice going!

    I use to have a heavy metal drawer set exactly like your grinder station. I was military and that thing was just to heavy to be shipping around every four years. I sure wish I had it now.


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