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Thread: Need help with changing table/dresser dimensions

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    Need help with changing table/dresser dimensions

    I need some design help with the design of a changing table/dresser. My plan is for this to be a painted piece and will be constructed in the quick and dirty manner. I have the general design which my wife has approved, now I'm stumped after doing the layout. I've got this drawing and was wondering if everyone could weigh in on what component dimensions would work best given my overall project dimensions.

    Before everyone responds that I should put this into sketch-up, I've tried and just don't have time to learn how to draw this and then resize until it looks appropriate. I'm just hoping to draw on everyone's experience here.

    What should the dimensions of the following pieces be?
    1. What width should I make the legs?
    2. How high should the bottom stretcher be above the ground?
    3. What should the dimensions be at the taper?
    4. How wide should the bottom stretcher be as well as the rest of the horizontal dividers (between each drawer)?
    5. How wide should I make the vertical divider?
    6. How thick should the top be and then what kind of overhang does everyone recommend?

    I was also wondering if I should bother taking the time to step back the horizontal rails from the legs, as well as recess the drawers from these rails? Since the sides will be flat I think this might make the front too busy in relation to the sides.

    Thanks in advance for everyone's help,
    Wes Billups

    P.S. Please post responses here as I was forced to use my work email when I registered here and don't want to wait until Tuesday to see everyone's responses.
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    This might help. I found it invaluable on the last bed I did!

    Woodbin Reference Manual
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