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Thread: Mis-quoted by a long shot

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    Mis-quoted by a long shot

    Neighbor boy (Preacher son) mows the lawn, and is moving to Texas in about 5 weeks.

    He is 15 and finished his first year of wood working in school.

    He wants to work off some lawn mowing jobs and me help
    him build a Deacon Bench for his mother for a delayed Mothers day and moving gift.

    He saw a bench I built for a customer and wants one like it

    I am to furnish wood, screws, tools, knowlege............OH WELL he is good kid. Rather help him out than have him on the streets.

    I know insurance, liabilty etc

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    Good for you Bob, I bet in the end, you will have had more fun than the kid
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    Hi Bob, Thanks for being willing to take the chance with him. I think what you are about to help with is called "Family woodworking" . Real good choice of projects too.
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    And the boy is willing to work for the privilege. By all means encourage him.
    Sounds like a great kid.

    And you're not so bad yourself


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    Sounds like a nice thing to do. He'll probably learn as much in this project as he did all year in school. The hands on really makes a difference.

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    You are doing the right thing...

    Five years from now you won't give the money a second thought. What you will always remember is helping a good kid do something productive. The memories will be worth 200 times what the wood costs...and heck in five years the price of wood will have doubled and you will be laughing at how you thought the wood was "expensive"!!

    By the way I used to do a lot of training in the arena of safety for railroad workers. Teaching is a misnomer...teaching is learning. To teach you must concentrate on each task separately and think of a way to intelligently present it to someone else without confusion. To do that takes a lot of thought, patience and understanding just what has to be accomplished, and some of the hazards. As I said, its learning in disguise.

    Still don't forget to have fun...with the project and your neighbor.
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    Thanks guys for the pep talk.

    Will do right by this kid, when he gets done he will be a man and hooked on woodworking.

    Also will introduce him to the forum, if he has internet access.

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