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Thread: Table Saw. Band Saw. Router Table. *** ALL SOLD ***

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    Table Saw. Band Saw. Router Table. *** ALL SOLD ***

    Doing some shop cleaning & realize that I don't need this stuff. All items are in suburban Philly & I'd rather not ship unless you make it worth my while. Here we go...

    This is a circa 1998 Master Mechanic 10" bench top table saw. Still works as good as the day I bought it. $30 takes it. Don't want it as a table saw? Make a sanding station out of it or something. Just get it out of my sight.

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    9" Delta band saw. Also bought in 1998. Runs well but would run even better with a new blade. I've read a few articles about tuning this thing to make it a sweet band saw. I don't feel like doing it so I'll let you. $40.

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    This is the cream of the crop. A Bench Dog ProTop Benchtop Router Table. I bought this last August but it sat unused while my shop was being built. In the meantime, I was able to snag a Normie special from Jim Becker. So, I don't need this anymore. It's brand new except I did use it once to test it out.

    You'll pay $206.98 shipped from Amazon right now:

    I'll take $165.

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    I like your attitude, Rob. "Just get it out of my sight!"

    You're the type of person I want to stop at when I'm visiting garage sales. Not the "Oh I paid $the_sun for this, so I need to charge $the_moon."

    Unfortunately, I'm nowhere near, so I'll resist the temptation of that router table. I'm it'll disappear fast.

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    I have a firm commitment on the band saw and a semi-firm commitment on the table saw.

    If either of those fall through, I'll let you know.

    The router table is still available.

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