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Thread: Cabinet for LOML

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    Cabinet for LOML

    Hi everyone

    LOML wanted a cabinet to hang her necklaces, so this is what I came up with

    The doors are purple heart, the rest of the cabinet is maple. It doesn't show very well in the photo, but there is a narrow mirror on the left hand side.

    This was a first for me working with Purple heart, I like it a lot although I did have a bit of tear-out. Other firsts include using knife hinges, and wipe-on poly and micro mesh sanding pads. I like the finish results on the doors but I am glad I didn't keep track of the number of coats. I took them back down to 400 grit three times and re-coated, there still are a few grain ripples but I finally called it quits.

    LOML likes the results so that is the important thing!

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Very nice Jay. Bet she really likes it.

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    looks kinda krenovian........nice work jay!
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    Nice cabinet Jay! Did you design it from scratch or work from plans?

    One happy LOYL - that's the real treasure!!
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    Thanks guys!

    Jesse, I designed it, we basically took a bunch of her stuff and figured out the spacing and with that general grid in mind went for the cabinet size.


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    Very nice Jay. She looks like a happy camper!
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    Nice job Jay! Great looking daughter!!!!!!

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    LOL, since we both turned 60 this month, I am sure that she will be very pleased with your comment!


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    well jay i had go back and look again after seein it the first time i wasnt sure which was the jewel? then realized that they both were.. florida weather has been good to you for sure.. that purple heart is striking and her grin dazzels like the jewels
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    Terrific! Two beauties side-by-side, for sure!!!!! Thanks for sharing, Jay.

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