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Thread: Micro Finish for Wood?

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    Micro Finish for Wood?

    At work we buy abrasives in quantities that you would not believe. Lately I have been using a 3M product called Micro Finishing Film, a plastic like disc that is 30 microns in size (gree in color) and some that is 15 Microns in size (Orange). I have a few questions about this stuff.

    Does it have any use in woodworking? I use it exclusively to shine up Stainless Steel, but the stuff seems to last a long time and does not seem to load up much. Now what about cost? I am not a thief so I would not bring this stuff home, but if it works well on wood, I would buy a roll or two at my employers cost. (This is allowed). Finally what does the micron size equal to in terms of grit size. Since I use the stuff after using 400 grit paper, and before using the 1200 grit paper, I assume it is around 600 grit for the 30 micron size and 1000 grit for the 15 micron size stuff. Is this right?

    (For the record, I do not work for 3M, or work where this product is sold. I am not endorsing it for wood, and therefore this is not a free ad for them. It merely works well on Stainless Steel, and I am curious if it works on wood)

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    travis, these discs kick butt for sharpening! either on a powered wheel or using the scarry sharp method......there might be enough interest just on the forum to split the cost of a coupla rolls? tod
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    To add to what Tod mentioned, I'd think they could also be used for polishing out some wood finishes, like CA glue and lacquer (especially if you can get even finer grades). I know a lot of folks use a fabric-backed abrasive called MicroMesh on turned items like pens and bottle stoppers. I don't know exactly how the MicroMesh grits correspond to regular sandpaper grits, but the 12,000 grit MicroMesh can make a pen finished in CA shine like it's wet. I've bought a few sheets of real fine 3M stuff (down to I believe 0.5 micron) for sharpening stuff, and haven't tried it on wood, but I'd bet it would work just fine on membrane finishes.

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    I grabbed a partial roll of Green and Orange 3M micro-finishing sandpaper I was speaking of, and sharpened up some chisels using the Scary Sharp method. You guys were indeed right, they sharpened right up in no time flat and were extremely sharp. I have always gone up to 2000 grit, but using 3M's 1200 grit micro-film seemed plenty sharp to me. Wow, very impressive. Very fast. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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    I'm not familiar with this product. Is it available to the public?

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    Ditto on using it for scary sharpening. If I'm not mistaken, that's some of the same stuff that LV sells by the sheet for sharpening. I think some guitar makers use some of the stuff both before and during finishing steps too.
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