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Thread: Kitchen Table

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    Kitchen Table


    I assume that if one is going to take part in this forum then it is better to share.

    So here goes:
    This is a project I finished a few weeks ago. It is a Kitchen table in white oak, finished with wiped on danish oil (4 coats) and sealed with polyeurethane (3 coats so far) When I set up my new air compressor I will probably spray a couple more for luck! It is sized to seat 6 comfortably and 8 at a squash.

    Learning points:
    1. Check the proportions of the various bits and pieces prior to cutting wood. When I assembled the table the first time the top looked a little dainty with those thick legs, so I glued on a rail below the top to make it look thicker.
    2. Hand cutting mortices and tenons is hard work. Next time take the time to build the required jigs for the router/table saw!
    3. Spend a little more time aligning the boards for glueup. I really wanted a glass smooth finish which I achieved, but at the cost of sanding for days!

    Sorry these are the only pics I have at the moment.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Kitchen_T_1.JPG   Kitchen_T_2.JPG   Kitchen_T_3.JPG  

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    Stu, that looks great!

    I'm sure that many a fine meal will be had at that table, and it will be in your family a LONG time!

    Make sure you sign and date it underneath somewhere.

    Great job!!
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    I like it! Well done.

    Take Stu's advise - sign and date it somewhere underneath.
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    nice table and that's what its all about,, learnun as we go rome wasnt built in a day and we will never know it all so there is always more to learn.. know that you have got the table done did you make the chairs too? i saw some hints of qtr sawn on the edge of the table keep us up on your projects..
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    Thanks. It seems right that if I am going to learn from what other post, my own meagre contributions should be shared.

    Stu: That sounds like a good idea.

    Larry: No, I didnt make the chairs. They are quite interesting though. They are bent wood chairs made by a local SA company. They are commonly bought by restaurants, as they are almost indestructable. I thought: "Thats exactly what I want in a Kitchen chair!". They dont look to bad either. (no affiliation at all)


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    Nice work, Stu.
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