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    I just wanted to say hi and let you all know who I am, like the others here. I'm a beginning woodworker. Mostly I've been making small boxes from some lumber my dad has given me, along with some I've purchased. I love learning how to do joints and making something versatile and beautiful. So far, I'm doing well on the useful side...not so great on the beauty side (rather like myself, I suppose)!

    I have a shop in the basement of our house near Winchester, VA. It's beautiful countryside out here, although we live in a relatively new development. We moved out here from the metropolitan environs of Herndon, VA near Washington. We just prefer the small-town atmosphere and the slower pace.

    I have a Table saw, 6" jointer/planer, 12.5" planer, drill press, 14" band saw, and a 16" drum sander. Now that I have the drum sander, I find I use the planer a lot less. I got the drum sander so I could plane the wild grains found in curly maple and highly figured woods. It's certainly a blessing to have all these tools. They aren't the absolute top end tools, but for me they are more than adequate. As long as the cuts are straight, it's up to my skills to perform the tasks...a challenge I enjoy.

    I found this website through some mutual friends. It's really great to find a place like this to discuss the issues we face and get advice on procedures and tools. Thank you for putting up and maintaining this site!


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    Welcome to the clubhouse, Sandy. Sounds like you've already got a good start on the tool collection. Don't hesitate to ask questions or chime in with answers as you see fit.

    Enjoy -
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    Welcome..............but as the saying goes "It didnt happen without pics" Show off your work.

    The coffee pot is on

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    Welcome to the Family Sandy!!

    We would love to see some pics of your shop, if you got the time, we have the bandwidth!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandy Masquith View Post

    I have a shop in the basement of our house near Winchester, VA.
    Welcome aboard Sandy! I lived in Dayton (near Harrisonburg) for a short time in the early 70's - beautiful country! I've been through Winchester dozens of times, though I bet it's changed a lot in 35 years!
    Glad to have you as part of the family.
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    Hi Sandy!

    Welcome aboard Lets see those Pictures!


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    Hi Sandy

    Nice to see you here

    Have fun
    Cheers! - Jim

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    hi sandy!
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    Welcome Sandy. As you've notice from the responses of the others; we love pictures. Glad to have you.

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    Welcome Sandy !
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