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Thread: New Tool Gloat

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    New Tool Gloat

    I placed an order today for a new bandsaw and jointer / planer.

    After much deliberation, research and thought...

    I ordered the MiniMax FS30 with the mortising attachment and the MM16 bandsaw. Both came with some nice accessories and mobility kits. I am extremely excited about this I just have to wait for my machines to be made and sent over.

    The next thing on my list to have to start saving for a new tablesaw. I'm working on selling my Rojek and probably going to get either a SawStop or a MM or Hammer saw/shaper combo...have to sell mine first though...I really like the safety features of the SawStop, but after owning a slider, don't know what I'd do without one...decisions, decisions...

    This is an investment year in my woodworking hobby...maybe I'll have to sell a couple pieces I make to pay for some stuff!

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    Outstanding Scott I know the excitement is killing you

    Be sure and post pictures when the machines get there.


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    Well, that's definitely a gloatworthy bunch of toys on their way to your shop. Congrats.
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    congratulations scott! i think it`s pretty likely that you`ll be happy with your new toys .......oh-tools
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    expensive hobby

    but what way to go,,mini max toys are the best! and sounds like your in for a good year. be sure to post pics so we all can get in on the gloat
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