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Thread: Dig a Ditch!

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    Dig a Ditch!

    Hey all.
    The other day I started restoring my old metal lathe and naturally the first thing I need to do is clean and strip the bugger. Well, after having my (new) garbage can spring a leak while the cast iron legs were soaking, I was at a crossroads. I remembered seeing a tarp lined frame used for soaking parts. Well, I would have to buy wood to make a frame - and those that know me know I'm cheap. So rather than build a frame, I dug a ditch in a pile of excess dirt we had behind the garage. It's lined with a shower curtain from the dollar store (see what I mean).

    So far it's worked well - just make sure the soil is soft and doesn't have any sharp objects in it. (DAMHIKT ) I found one advantage is the hole only needs to be as large as the object which helps save on the amount of cleaner needed!

    Anyhow, I was pretty happy with the results, and hopefully the idea can help someone else!

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    Yep, the cheap way to go if you have a place to dig a hole!

    I do however, love the tip on the shower liner! I have been thinking about what to use. Another good thing that you can get free if you keep an eye out is a damaged pool liner, they can hold up to some rough use and eaisily patchable.

    I have a couple hundred pound band saw frame I need to do soon and I have to suspend it in my shop from a chain hoist. I will have to build a frame for this. I also use a mortar tray for a lot of parts, cheap and large.

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    I love it!!

    I didn't have the place to dig a hole so I made a tank on my trailer since the ground wasn't level. I just used concrete blocks, some scrap plywood I had and bought a roll of plastic sheeting.

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    Hey Wes, I'm impressed!

    Of course here in Tokyo, I don't have any ground that is NOT covered with concrete or pavemente

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    The hole in the ground is a great idea. I keep a stock of old shower curtains in the shop. Once we've torn one of the hanger holes, LOML replaces the curtain, so I get a used one every few months. I use them to lay over the table saw when I need to use it as an assembly or finishing table, and I spread them out as dropcloths when I'm doing something potentially messy in the driveway.
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    Good job! Goes to show that creativity breeds creativity! I hope every one will post these type of ideas when they come up.

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    Thanks guys - now I think my wife wants me just to fill in the hole!
    Jeff, I think your set-up was the one I remembered - but for some reason, I was thinking it was all wood. A great use for the trailer - after it hauls the iron home!
    I'm going to let it sit a while longer after I remove the parts. This will allow the gunk to settle out and I can reclaim some of the cleaning agent - oh, because I want to be environmentally friendly (not cheap!?).


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    if the gunk is molasses it would be environmentally friendly, would it not? Just think little holes all over the garden just to improve the soil. GUFFAW.


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