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Thread: 11" to 14" conversion finished.

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    11" to 14" conversion finished.

    Well, I know I have bugged you all enough with photos, but I think ya can take just a few more...

    Tonight was the final step, I just had to fabricate the new u-bolt. This would of been much eaiser if I had a real set of gas torches and not just Mapp gas!

    Here is the original u-bolt and some 5/16" stock to make the new one out of.
    I made the rod about .5" longer and tapped extra threads so that I could just trim the threads down to get the exact length.

    And as you can see, this was the case but due to prior planning this was not a problem! []

    Now for some glory shots with paint and all the glitz...
    I polished a couple parts this time at the tailstock handle and the bearing caps at the headstock. I am awaiting some link belt so I can put that belt back on, but for now I found a spare one that fits, but what a diffrence in vibration! [xx(]

    It's hard to tell, but I also repainted the Delta tag too.

    All in all, well worth the work to make it into a 14" lathe. I may repaint the lower block for the tailstock. I primed it and sanded it while togather and the seam is filled, but if you look close you can see it. I would rather the seam be seen and not "kinda" hidden. This can be done later easy enough.

    I am now rebuilding my tool rests, I am carefully using a spot weld cutter to cut 90% of the weld and then with it held in a vice a pipe wrench pop's off the rest of the weld so I can just change the post and not rebuild the entire tool rest.

    Oh, the full details can be seen here:

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    Excellent work Lee. my fingers are twitching to turn something. The tailstock is really cool. A machine of presence.

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    Lee, you sure do nice work!

    I REALLY think that lathe now deserves a VFD

    If you put one on, there will be very little difference between your lathe and the newer lathes that sell for BIG BUCKS!!

    Again, fantastic job, the attention to detail is great!
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    I don't even turn and that is a thing of beauty. Warms my heart to see someone put time and attention into restoring something like that.

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    Excellent work, Lee. You'll like having the extra swing.
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    Fantastic job! It looks like Delta made the riser blocks as an upgrade option.
    I think if you had a milling machine and metal lathe you'd be really dangerous!


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    Absolutely awesome, Lee. Not only the restored lathe look brand new, but the extensions look like they were originally part of the tool. Super job!

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    Thanks guys... My main goal (other than the lift) was to keep it looking as original as I could do, I am quite happy with how it turned out. I may still pop the 2 tailstock blocks apart and define the seam. I think doing this will put the perspective between the lift block at the headstock and the tailstock.

    At times I am tempted to find a nice Bridgeport, but I just don't have the room for one.

    Now a metal lathe.. Well, have ya all seen my little 1938 109 series Craftsman?? (6" x 12")

    I am not turning pens on this one, I am trying to remove a center band from a snakewood European pen.

    This one needed just a little bit of a work to restore.

    Full photo aray on my website for this one too.

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