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Thread: Bench shots

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    Bench shots

    Decided to separate this from from the Weekend thread. It's simple. Grab a photo of your bench sometime over the weekend and post it. That is all there is to it!!

    My main bench still had the motor sitting on it. Along with some other assorted and Sundry items. Mostly mechanical stuff. ICK! Ready for some shavings.

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    My planning bench is full of oak shavings of a little bench I made for my brother in law for his camper. I just threw it together and I don't think I took any photos.

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    So show us your bench shot sometimes this weekend.
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    a few shots of my bench when it was finished...
    i used material on hand to build the bench so the base is made of 80+year old pine salvaged from support beams in my basement (should be dry by now?). the apron is ash and the stretchers are birch. the top is a sandwich of three pieces of baltic birch plywood and a 1/4" hardboard top. i've used this construction before and like it as the hardboard top is replaceable. the middle layer of plywood is longer than the others at each end to form a tenon into each apron. the dados for those tenons magically line up with the dovetail sockets at the ends of the apron. dog holes are made from a three piece sandwich of hickory with the middle layer providing the 5 deg sockets of the dog holes. home made dogs..
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    Clark, that is a very nice looking bench, I like the hardboard top, wish I could find that stuff here in Japan

    We only recently got a decent supply of MDF
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    Workin' on the library built in. Got the rails & stiles cut for the doors.

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    quick and dirty replacement legs for the temporary kitchen table. Real table, but Island is going in once the shop goes up.

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