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Thread: 5mm Barrell Hinges

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    5mm Barrell Hinges

    Hello all. Question when using the little 5mm Barrell Hinges for pen boxes and other little boxes how far from the back edge of the piece do you set these? I know you have to chamfer the back edge but just curioious on where to set them from the back edge. I have some info in one of Doug Stowes books but other than how to use the simple jig for placement on each side there isn't alot of info. Anyone have any instructions on this that would help?


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    Try this:

    This one is for the larger sizes, but has more can probably just scale down for the 5mm ones:

    You've got some lee-way on that dimension depending on the thickness of the material, but the "V" of the bevel has to end up at the center of the hinge hole.
    Where are we going? And what am I doing in this handbasket?

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    Thanks Lee for the links. Appreciate it.


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