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Thread: Finished with chests now onto the headboard

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    Finished with chests now onto the headboard

    These are the chests that I posted some about last week. I shot em with 2 coats of sanding sealer, rubbed that out with steel wool and 320 paper, and shot em again with gloss precat lacquer, rubbed em out with 0000 steel wool and shot em twice more with precat. Here is the results. I hope my daughter and her husband will like what they are getting. I gotta deliver em to Ft. Worth later on this month.

    Now I've gotta decide on what to do for a headboard and get crackin on that, still got to do that and a 50" wide book case to get done before June 20th.

    I think I might be able to get it done now tho since schools out.
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    Hi Jim,
    That is nice work you are crankin out, keep up the good work. They are gonna love it.
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    Gorgeous work there Jim

    Your daughter and son in law are lucky
    Cheers! - Jim

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    Very nice!! Not my style but man you did a nice job on those!! I just chomping at the bit to get all the mechanical stuff done so I can go back to woodworking. Man that just make sit worse!!
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    Nice work Jim
    The finish looks great.
    John in Cranbrook

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    Great looking chests! The finish looks great!

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    Your family will appreciate this suite for sure. And for a long long time too.
    Very nice work.

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    Bony, those are really, REALLY nice, they are going to be totally thrilled!

    I keep telling you that you should quit this school teacher gig and go full time pro woodworker......................

    Oh wait a minute................... you did

    I think the shock that your kids will get is when they go into a fine furniture shop, or look in a cataloug to see something similar and the price

    Not to mention the fact that your work is better, better built, better materials and "made by dad!"

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    Man, you're not messin' around, Jim. That's a great looking set of furniture. It's like you've done this sort of thing before. I'm guessing you'll come up with something comparable for the headboard.
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