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    Looking to get a starter set of chisels. Anybody have any opinions on these?



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    If you want a set of the red handled ones I have two that I bought to check out for resale but never did. They are $50 to your door if you want them. Can't say how long they hold an edge but they seem decent.

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    Two Cherries

    You might want to consider Two Cherries: I've been eyeing these, but can't yet justify buying an upgrade to my old butt chisels.

    With the "woodnet10" discount code, they are $125.95 at Holbren.



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    Hey Randy.
    I have no experience with those chisels, but here's my two cents worth anyhow ...

    Just about any brand of chisel will work if you sharpen it well. The cheaper chisels tend not to stay sharp long, but they are softer and easier to sharpen.

    Since you say you are looking for "starter chisels", I would guess that you haven't had a lot of experience sharpening. I would recommend getting a few cheap chisels to learn on and then move up to a quality brand. Many of us started with Marples blue chip chisels.

    Any new chisel is going to take some work before it is ready to use. The hardest part is getting the back to be dead flat. I would suggest you look before you buy and avoid chisels with lots of deep grinding marks on the back. Take a ruler to test for flatness. You can save yourself a lot of elbow grease
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