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Thread: Frustrating Weekend

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    Frustrating Weekend

    Ever have one?

    This weekend my intent was to get the trim and panels on the kitchen island. Simple enough, cut the trim, glue and screw it together with the Kreg sytem, rabbit the trim for the panel, cut the panel and install everything.

    Sooo, I first reallized I don't have enough trim stock so I need to pick up a couple of pieces from the local hardware/lumber store. Done. Hmm, the prepaint is slightly different but no prob, it all gets a final coat anyway. After hours of measuring I finally get the trim cut to length. Whew, that saw not so easy. This is where it starts getting good. I had to rout some reliefs so that the trim would sit flush (it's an existing island with a face frame). Shut the router down and notice the bit is wobbling. That's odd , the bit is tight. The collet was loose from the shaft. Got that kinda fixed.

    Now it's getting ugly. Noticed that that trim stock (different colors, remember?) had slightly different thicknesses. Not really a problem since I will just assemble it face down and everything will lign up. I get the trim frames screwed together. Flip over the second frame and notice the screws are coming out the front side . Now I am fuming because I can only blame ME. That's it for the day, I can't handle it any more. Saturday is shot.

    Today was a little better in that I had a chance to calm down and re-evaluate the situation. I glued up the frame as best I could and cut the panels. I figure I can glue in the panels for support since the butt joint isn't too strong. Once that all dries I will do some initial sanding and then install the panels. Maybe I can salvage this weekend.

    Last night I was really depressed and wanted nothing to do with woodworking. I hate when things just go wrong. This is just a hobby, I can't imagine what it would be like if I HAD to keep going because the income depended on it.

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    I hear you. Trim drives me crazy.
    Wonder if that's how Per got the way he is

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    Sorry to hear Saturday bombed on you. I know I've had plenty of frustrations in the shop, but there is a certain sense of pride and accomplishment when I work out a solution to a problem that seems unfixable. I'm betting you'll make the kitchen island look good, even if it doesn't go exactly to plan.

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    I've had a few days like that.
    Everything turned out wrong. Nothing fit. Something didn't look right.
    Molding came out of the molder looking like waste pallet lumber.
    Stain wouldn't dry.

    When a day like this begins, and keeps going down the tubes, I walk out and crawl on the tractor and go out back and cut brush and firewood.
    Sometimes I just circle the place on the tractor and see another 20 things that need to be done.
    Fence repair, clean out the fence row, a dead branch fallen on the fence, etc.

    I usually find myself back in the shop, working out the messes I have created.

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