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Thread: Buying a Saw Stop TS

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    Buying a Saw Stop TS

    Can those of you who have bought a Saw Stop share your buying experiences? I live in rural Central NY state, and there are no dealers anywhere near me. The SS website lists freight costs at $500. Any comments are welcome.
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    Never seen one or considered one. But I saw a post on Woodnet of someone bragging about buying one. His cost with all the extras (like the fence that didn't come standard) was over four grand! OUCH!! Don't know if that is typical or what but that is a chunk of change. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great product. I couldn't afford one if I wanted one.

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Mark Singer just bought one

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    I haven't seen a SS in person, but everything I've seen/read about them convinces me that it would be a good idea, especially with my son Ben in the shop.

    I'm trying to find out how people have done with the purchase, moreso than how happy they are with the machine. I haven't seen a hint from any new owner of dissatisfaction.


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    I've had a SawStop since April. I purchased mine from Timber woodworking in Mesa AZ. They did not charge sales tax, but they would not waive the $50 to deliver it. I ended up buying the 5HP "just to be sure". It was $200 extra. I also bought their fence. I've been a Biesemeyer user for years, and I liked the SawStop clone better. I have mine bolted to additional cast iron and to my shaper so I didn't buy their table. I did purchase a spare cartridge, and a Dade cartridge and dado insert. I think mine came to around $3700.

    I think the dealer's practice of charging shipping on an item that is already price protected is terrible. I'd keep shopping...joe

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