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Thread: The Blue and the Grey

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    The Blue and the Grey

    Good tool acquizitions the past couple days.
    First up is a Puma compressor (HF Brand) that I bought from a member here on woodnet. Puma 6hp 60gal. I added the feet, new drainage line (after I broke off the original because there were no feet :slap: - pretty fun extracting that fitting ), and added a line filter and regulator. I did not buy the oiler because I am not sure all my tools would want it.

    Next up is the 20" DC-580 I have been trying to buy for three weeks. Amazon cancelled my first order after my bank refused the transaction when I tried to pay cash. Amazon said there was a price mistake (a la Jessem MAST R Slide table) and they could not sell it to me for $2102. They gave me a $50 credit for my troubles (had to cancel a special order HDC-580 HTC base) and sent me on my way. Two weeks latter it was back on sale and this time I used the $50 off the $2102 price so I paid less than the price mistake. Too funny. Shipping was steep at $299 but well worth it - lift gate into the shop is soooo awesome - this is a HEAVY planer at about 1000lbs. HTC went ahead and made the base so when I reordered it the second time it shipped out right away. Here is the result of the games. Still have to clean it up and install the dust hood and the handle on the side height wheel. Johnny helped me do all the lifting/work getting it off the pallets and into the stand. Planer came with two lift points wich made lifting it very safe and simple.

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    Dang Mike, both of those are nice additions on their own...two at a time is close to cheating, I think. Congrats on the new toys.
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    Never the intention for two at a time this round but woodnet for sale section had a bunch of tools 40 miles away for a great price and one was the Puma. My old school wards compressor has seen better days. It will retire to the attached 3-car and forever serve the rest of its days keeping the equally old Simplicity and m Jeeps floating on air.

    There are still a couple great tool at the woodcraft in Peoria that Frank is selling. Jet planer moulder and Grizzly double drum sander if anyone is interested.

    For me the concentration now is on setting up the big boy Delta cyclone and getting some duct work installed.

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