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Thread: A Rumor about Nancy Laird

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    A Rumor about Nancy Laird

    There's a vicious rumor going around the Internet that Nancy Laird is turning her first bowl.

    Since not all of us can view pics on SMC anymore, hopefully she'll find it in her heart to post some proof of the rumor here.
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    I wanna see it too!

    C'mon Nancy, lets see what ya spun.

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    A spy in the house of love...

    Hey, folks,

    I'm in total stealth mode, they have no idea who I am over there. The rumor is only half true... yes, there's a picture of her, presenting herself gouge in hand to a six inch rough bowl blank, but there are no, repeat, NO flying shavings or wood chips. Other than a lot of verbiage concerning various men and much talk of "the end of june", that's about it.

    Frankly, the whole thing could have been photoshopped. For all we know, there's a picture somewhere of her with a fishing pole in her hands, and someone has image morphed her in front of the lathe!

    In other words, no smoking gun, or, in this case, no smokin shavings!


    (certain to be banned from the forbidden zone at any moment!

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    Doubt it???

    she is to busy gettin ready fo rthis summers sales,, she told us tyhat she was gonna turn abowl but i think she was just say'un that to applause us

    left the spelun in just fer you nancy
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    The rumor is true!!!!

    It all started Sunday, when people started reading my interview on SMC, and I mentioned in the interview that there were several people gently prodding (okay, they were nagging) me to get to bowls. I made the colossal mistake of committing to produce a bowl by the end of June. Then, after LOML and I came in from dinner on Sunday evening, he took me by the hand, led me into the shop, and told me to put my money where my mouth was. So.....a piece of maple on the lathe, into the smock and shield, 50s-era Atlas 1" bowl gouge in hand, I started roughing that little 6" piece of maple.
    Attachment 9491

    So last night, after sanding and sanding and sanding the outside of the bowl, it got flipped around onto the stronghold chuck and I started hogging out the inside.
    Attachment 9492

    Came home tonight, finished the inside, decided it didn't look too bad, and finished it with BLO and shellac. It's a modest, unassuming little bowl, about 5-3/4" across and 1-1/4" high, and it sits on a little bitty foot about 1/8" above the surface it's sitting on. It's blotchy, it has some cracks in it, but it's mine, all mine. I made it and it's MY FIRST BOWL!!!!

    Attachment 9496

    Attachment 9494

    Attachment 9487

    Attachment 9488

    Attachment 9489

    Attachment 9490

    So who was that tall, dark stranger who said I couldn't turn a bowl????

    Tomorrow night the bottom gets lasered.

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    Nancy Laird
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nancy Laird View Post

    So who was that tall, dark stranger who said I couldn't turn a bowl????
    I dunno, but for the time being you could blame it on Merlau....he seems to be tall and I know he is strange.

    Nice job Nancy, bowl looks great hard to believe it is your first one.
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    Not bad at all for your first one Nancy, keep it, sign and date it, you dun good!
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    Nothing like peer pressure
    Well done Nancy
    Live Like You Mean It!!

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    Very nice first bowl Nancy! Congrats! Looks like Dave will have to invest in 2 lathes now!

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    Very nice Nancy I like the detail on the bottom.

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