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Thread: Free standing Deck Posts and Beams

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    Free standing Deck Posts and Beams

    I am building with a free standing platform (about 10ft x 8ft) that will be about 4 feet off the ground and connected to another platform that will be about 8 feet off the ground (10ft x 5ft)and connected to the house. The top platform is no problem it will be rectangular and connected to the house via a ledger board and will have two posts and a beam on the side farthest from the house.

    It seems there are many methods to construct the support for free standing decks. Where would you place the posts and would you use post and beams or just posts connected to exterior headers?

    The free standing deck will be a pentagon and I am confused at where I should place the posts. Below is the general shape of the lower deck.
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    jim i would use five posts, dont want it coming down..check you local codes for anchoring to your our parts they gettin sticky on that to man yhave fell down and caused injury
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